WiMAX Products

Overview Point-to-Point and Point to Multipoint

WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a family of wireless communication standards based on the IEEE 802.16 set of standards, which provide multiple physical layer (PHY) and Media Access Control (MAC) options.

The name “WiMAX” was created by the WiMAX Forum, which was formed in June 2001 to promote conformity and interoperability of the standard, including the definition of predefined system profiles for commercial vendors.The forum describes WiMAX as “a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL.

Case Communications WiMAX products operate at data rates up to 300Mbps and can be used in both point to point and point to multi-point mode.

Point to point 2 x 2 300Mbps

The InfiLINK 2 x 2 WiMAX System from Case Communications is a highly diversified family of wireless Point-to-Point products which brings together a capacity up to 280 Mbps with a rich set of features while being highly cost effective. It consists of the two sub-families:

  • InfiLINK 2×2 PRO – high performance series of point to point wireless products
  • InfiLINK 2×2 LITE – cost-effective medium capacity series of point to point


  • 4G / LTE Backhaul
  • WISP Infrastructure backhaul
  • High Capacity ‘last mile’ access infrastructure
  • CCTV Backhaul and infrastructure
  • Building to building connectivity at Fast Ethernet or higher speeds for private and enterprise networks.
  • A Cost effective alternative for legacy microwave or wired leased lines
  • Reliable back up for fibre lines, high speed FSO or millimetre wave links

Key Features

  • MIMO 2 x 2 (Multiple In,Multiple Out) innovative technology
  • ‘Pay as you grow’ software upgrade capability.
  • Small form factor allows for an inconspicuous installation
  • Advanced Quality of service and advanced feature set
  • Reliable and robust design.

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Point to Multipoint 300Mbps WiMAX

InfiMAN 2×2 from Case Communications is a very well field proven family of wireless point-to-multipoint products designed for various applications including fixed wireless access infrastructure for operator and enterprise networks as well as select nomadic and mobile scenarios.
The innovative high-performance base stations and CPE models are available for both licensed and unlicensed bands with variety of integrated antenna and connectorized models available.


  • Triple-play wireless ISP networks
  • Video surveillance, traffic management and public safety wireless infrastucture
  • Fixed, nomadic and mobile connectivity solution for SCADA systems
  • Long-range rural connectivity
  • Government and municipal network

Key Features

  • 240 Mbps Maximum Base Station sector capacity
  • Multiple licensed and license free options
  • Widest range of integrated antenna BS Sector Units and subscriber units
  • Flexible frequency planning and powerful interference mitigation tools
  • Advanced Quality of Service Tools

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XG 500 Mbps WiMAX

The XG 500 from Case Communications  is a record-breaking and innovative Point-to-Point solution in the sub-7 GHz frequency band. Its a 500Mbps WiMAX Wireless system, boasting the best-in-breed spectral efficiency, higher-than-ever-before processing power and distance vs performance ratio. Reaching a peak of 500 Mbps of net throughput in 40 MHz of spectrum and more than 130 Mbps in only 10 MHz, it is the highest performing Point-to-Point system available in the marketplace today.


  • High capacity short-, medium- and haul for mobile operators and service providers
  • Full-fledged fibre/FSO/mm-wave systems replacement, extension or backup
  • LOS and NLOS macro- and small-cell LTE backhaul
  • Connecting clusters of CCTV cameras to the monitoring centres
  • Rapid deployment of network infrastructure

Key Features

  • Extensive interference mitigation and NLOS (Near Line of Site ) toolkit
  • Well-balanced selection of integrated and external antenna models
  • Aesthetical design
  • TDD sync using GPS receiver or IEEE1588
  • Consistent latency below 1 ms
  • Maximal throughput decline as low as 7% at 100 km distance

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XG1000 1Gbps WiMAX

The Case Communications XG 1000 is a brand new range of products that support the escalating requirements for increased bandwidth, reliability and flexibility. It can provide throughput up to 1Gbps over the air using the 5Ghz licence free frequency bands.
The XG1000 was specifically designed to deliver superior performance over long distances and in adverse environments including Near Line of Site (nLOS) and Non Line of Site (NLOS) scenarios.


  • High capacity short, medium and long-haul ranges for mobile operators and service providers.
  • Fully-fledged fibre / FSO / mm-wave systems replacement, extension of backup
  • LOS and NLOS macro- and small-cell LTE Backhaul
  • Digital oil field communications
  • Connecting clusters of CCTV cameras to the monitoring stations
  • Rapid deployment of network infrastructure

Key Features

  • Highest spectral efficiency
  • Best in breed up to 14 bps/ Hz
  • Highest order QAM 256 and QAM 1024 modulations
  • Superior Performance
  • Transparent L2 transport for any type of Ethernet traffic
  • Real throughput up to 500Mbps in 2 x 20 Mhz channel and up to 1000Mbps in 2 x 40 Mhz channels
  • Ultra-low consistent 1.5ms latency at any distance
  • Configurable frame size
  • Connectivity at distances of more than 60km with external antennas
  • High-power transmitter and improved sensitivity even at the highest modulations, ensuring maximum link budgets
  • Unprecedented  system gain of 172dB even with integrated antennas

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