XG 1000 1Gbps Point-to-Point Gigabit WiMAX


The Case Communications XG 1000 Gigabit WiMAX system  is a brand new range of products that support the escalating requirements for increased bandwidth, reliability and flexibility, Most importantly it can provide throughput up to 1Gbps over the air using the 5Ghz licence free frequency bands.
The XG1000 was specifically designed to deliver superior performance over long distances and in adverse environments including Near Line of Site (nLOS) and Non Line of Site (NLOS) scenarios.
The XG family of units meet the need for cost effective capacity under rapidly evolving conditions.

XG 1000 Applications

The Case Communications XG1000 1Gbps point to point WiMAX system is ideally suited to a number of applications such as:

  • High capacity short, medium and long-haul ranges for mobile operators and service providers.
  • Fully-fledged fibre / FSO / mm-wave systems replacement, extension of backup
  • LOS and NLOS macro- and small-cell LTE Backhaul
  • Digital oil field communications
  • Connecting clusters of CCTV cameras to the monitoring stations
  • Rapid deployment of network infrastructure

The XG 1000 uses two adjacent channels

The Case XG system uses two non-adjacent channels to provide great benefits compared to 802.11ac systems. Available with a wide range of antennas, as well as connectorised version to provide support for third  party external antennas.
Case Communications  XG 1000  Wireless System is the ideal choice  for a large array of applications such as ‘backhaul’ in the telecomms market, education, oil and gas, smart cities, video surveillance and public safety.
The XG 1000 WiMAX series were designed to to meet the exacting requirements of the most demanding customers and most challenging environments.


  • Best in breed up to 14 bps/ Hz
  • Highest order QAM 256 and QAM 1024 modulations


  • Transparent L2 transport for any type of Ethernet traffic
  • Real throughput up to 500Mbps in 2 x 20 Mhz channel and up to 1000Mbps in 2 x 40 Mhz channels


  • Ultra-low consistent 1.5ms latency at any distance
  • Configurable frame size


  • Connectivity at distances of more than 60km with external antennas
  • High-power transmitter and improved sensitivity even at the highest modulations, ensuring maximum link budgets
  • Unprecedented  system gain of 172dB even with integrated antennas


  • Extended QoS Support
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • SFP Fibre optic port
  • IEEE 1588v2
  • Built in full-fledged L2 switch supporting VLAN and Spanning Tree Protocol


  • Available in connectorised configuration and with integrated antenna ranging from 23dBi to 28dBi flat-panel, dual-polarity antennas
  • Fully configurable and easy to install
  • Full up and download of configurations
  • Very small footprint


  • TDD syncronisation using a built in GNSS receiver


  • Rugged cast aluminium IP66 and IP 67 enclosures
  • Extended temperature range of -40C to +60C with 100% humidity
  • No Link degradation even in harsh weather conditions
  • Built in surge protection

Case Communications XG 1000 Technical Specifications

ThroughputUp to 1Gbps net aggregate
Packet PerformanceMore than 1.6 million packets per second (Line rate)
Latency1.5-5ms one-way, typical (depending on air frame period)
ModulationCyclic single carrier
Cyclic prefix1/8 and 1.16 (for 2x20 and 2 x 40Mhz channel width)
Modulation schemesEleven modulation / coding schemes from QPSK to QAM 256 as well as QAM 1024
Frequency Range4.9- 6.0 Ghz
Channel widths2 x 10, 2 x 20 and 2 x 40 Mhz
Spectral efficiencyUp to 14 bps / Hz

Transmit power
Up to 22 dBm (average per Tc chan)@QPSK to QAM 64
Up to 20 dBm@ QAM 256
Up to 18 dBm @ QAM 1024
Receiver sensitivityDown to -93dBm @ 2 x 10 Mhz QPSK
System gainUp to 172dB (based on 28dBi integrated antenna in 2 x 10Mhz channel width)
Duplex SchemeTDD, Hybrid-FDD

Integrated dual polarisation flat panel 23, 266, 28dBi
Connectorised: 2 x N-Type (Female) connectors for external dual-polarisation antennas
Maximum rangeUp to 60km (Clear line of sight with external antennas )
Air frameConfigurable from 2 to 10ms
Downlink / uplink ratioConfigurable, from 50:50 to 90:10 at both uplink and downlink
Automatic modulation controlFully supported
Automatic RangingFully supported
TDD SyncronisationFully supported via built in GNSS receiver or IEEE 1588 PTP

2 x 10/100/1000-Base T Copper ports RJ45
GE0 - Data + PoE Input
GE1 - Data only
SFP port: various 3rd party single and multi-mode fibre supported
Either of the ports can be configured independently for management, user data or for hybrid mode
PoEProprietary << passive>> PoE
Cable LengthCopper Ethernet cable length up to 100m between the outdoor unit and the main network connection.
Fibre cable length up to 300m or more depending on the SFP
QoS4 queues
Prioritisation<< Strict>>and <> modes
Packet classifications802.1p
Network protocolsVLAN, STP
Timing TransportIEEE 1588 v2 transparent clock
LED IndicationsPower Status, Wireless and Wired link status, RSSI indication, TDD sync status
Management ProtocolsHTTP, Telnet, SNMP v1/v2c/3 (MIB-II and proprietary MIBs)
Web GUI ToolsAntenna Alignment Tool
Spectrum Analyser
Operating Temperaturefrom -40C to +60C
Dust and water protectionIP66, IP67
Wind Load160 km/h operational: 200 km/h survival
Power SuppliesIDU-BS-G (60W)
90-220vac, 60 / 60 Hz, -10C to +40C, 151 x 62 x 38mm, 0.32 kg
Input DC Range+/- 43 to +/-56vdc
Power ConsumptionUp to 55 Watts
Mounting kitsMONT-KIY-85 or MONT-KIT-85s
DC InjectionAUX-ODU-INJ-G (Indoor / outdoor installation,
IDU-LA-G (V.01) Indoor installation
External Lightning ProtectionsAUX-ODU-LPU-G
SafetyEN-60950-1-2006, UL 60950-1 2nd ed
Radio (pending)EN 301 893 v 1.8.1, EN 302 502, v1.2.1, FCC part 15.247
EMCETSI EN 301 489-1, ETSI EN 301 489-17, FCC Part 15 Class B

Model Range

Integrated Antennas
Part Number Frequency Integrated Antenna Weight & Size
Xm/5X.1000.4×150.2×23 4900 – 6000 Mhz Flat Panel 23dBi 10×10 degrees 305 x 305 x 67mm 2.4Kg
Xm/5X.1000.4×150.2×26 4900 – 6000 Mhz Flat Panel 26dBi 8×8 degrees 371 371 89mm 3.3Kg
Xm/5X.1000.4×150.2×28 4900 – 6000 Mhz Flat Panel 28dBi 5×5 degrees 600 x 600 x 74mm 5.3Kg
External Antennas
Part Number Frequency Antenna Connection Weight & Size
Um/5X.1000.4×150  4900 – 6000 Mhz 2xN-Type (Female) 256 x 240 x 86mm 2.1Kg


Data Sheet

Data Sheet for XG WiMAX (122 downloads)