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Ultra High Availablity Wireless BackhauL Solution for 4G/LTE Networks

As mobile data consumption increases exponentially, operators are looking for backhaul solutions that provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with the flexibility to easily scale to meet tomorrow’s bandwidth demands.
The Flex4G-UHA  Gigabit Wireless system from Case Communications has been designed to alleviate the strain on backhaul connections by combining advanced radio and modem capabilities with carrier-grade Ethernet features. Implementing BPSK modulation achieves improved link budget compared to high-QAM systems. Furthermore, incorporating the patented AdaptRate™ technology achieves an additional 10dB link budget gain during periods of inclement weather.
Flex4G-UHA Gigabit Wireless link provides comprehensive timing support required for 4G/LTE deployments, including Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588.v2 with hardware-based time stamping for one-step or two-step clocks. With low power consumption and PoE capability, Flex4G-UHA provides all of the above in an environmentally friendly, compact and lightweight, zero-footprint all-outdoor solution.Gigabit Wireless 60cm Antenna

Wireless Fibre Solution for:

Mobile BackhaulFuture proof multi-Gigabit backhaul for next generation 4G/LTE networks
Service ProviderHigh capacity business services, fibre extensions, cellular/Wi-Fi / WiMAX backhaul’ redundant Fibre overlays, mesh
EducationHigh- performance seamless campus connectivity, Wi-Fi and security camera backbone
EnterpriseLeased line replacement, LAN Extensions, Server Centralisation, remote data storage and backup
Government/ MunicipalitiesInter-building connections – Video surveillance systems, traffic control, and monitoring, Wi-Fi / 4.9Ghz backhaul
HealthcareSecure, HIPAA-Compliant medical office, lab network access, real-time imaging & records, application connectivity

Features and Highlights

Key Features
PerformanceOutstanding RF Performance benefitting from highly integrated SiGe architecture
Longest Link Distances
1 Gbps full-duplex user data rate
Adapt rate
Automatic Transmit Power Control
Zero-Footprint ODU with low power consumption support Power-Over Ethernet
Carrier-GradeCarrier Ethernet services enabled via built in low latency switch
Quality of Service (802.1p) traffic prioritisation VLAN 802.1q): Provider Bridge (Q-in Q 802.1ad)
Synchronous Ethernet per G.8261, G.8262 and G.8264
PTP per IEEE 1588.v2 – Transparent clock support
Ethernet OAM support per 802.3ah, 802.1ag and Y.1731
1+0 Non-Protected, 1+1 HSB fully redundant, or 2+0 link configurations
SecurityHighly Secure narrow beam width antennas
FIPS-Certified 256-bit AES Encryption provides the ultimate in data protection at full line rate Gigabit speed with minimal latency
Proven ReliabilityBased on proven design – thousands of systems deployed world-wide
Integrated SiGe decreases component count for exceptional reliability and MTBF
HALT / HASS testing
Carrier-grade 99.999% availability
Available in 4.9–6.05 GHz and 6.05–6.4 GHz frequency bands
240 Mbps base station sector capacity with just 40 Mhz spectrum
Increased NLOS range and performance
Supports channel width size from 5 to 40 Mhz reducing license expenditure
Advanced Quality-of-Service features, offering a reliable and robust solution
Integrated Sector Antenna Base Stations, ensuring maximum RF performance and quick and simple installation
Unparalleled selection of integrated antenna subscriber terminals ranging from compact and lightweight 19 dBi antenna model to unique 28 dBi terminal ideally suitable for long-range connectivity in excess of 15-20 km from a base station
High-Speed local or wide area corporate networks
Triple-play services for Wireless ISP’s
Government & Municipal Networks
CCTV and Video surveillance Networks
Long-range Rural Connectivity


FrequencyRange 71-76Ghz / 81-86Ghz
T/R Spacing: 10Ghz full duplex operation
RF Interface: 4.125 / 84.125Ghz, BPSK modulated signal
Stability: +/- 10ppm
Configurations1 + 0 Non-Protected, 2+0 Utilising Orthognal Mode Transducer (OMT)
1+ 1 Hot Standby – dual antenna or singl antenna with unequal loss coupler
Data RateUp to 1Gbps full-duplex.
Ethernet: Two pluggable SFP Slots plus one RJ45 1000base-T supports line rate speeds up to Gigabit Ethernet
Range99.999% Availability with a 30cm Antenna = 2.4km
99.999% Availability with a with a 60cm Antenna = 3.4km

System Performance

Operating ModeNormalAdapt Rate
User Data Rate

Link Budget for 10-6 B.E.R w/12” (30cm) Antenna

Link Budget for 10-6 B.E.R w/24” (60cm) Antenna




InterfacesEthernet Physical layer: SFP, 1000Base-X, Single Mode (-SX) or multi-mode (-LX) fibre, 1000BaseT with Rj45 connector – CAT5e or CAT 6 Cable
NetworkingQuality of Service per IEEE 802.1p, DSCP and Port based
Scheduling: 8 queues allowing user configurable Strict Priority or Shaped Deficit Weighted Round Robin (SDWRR)
MEF Compliant traffic policing (two rate, three colour scheme)
VLAN per IEEE 802.1q, up to 4096 VLANs
Provider Bridge Q-in-Q per IEEE 802.1ad
Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) per ITU-T G.8261, G.8262 and DNU section G.8264
Precision Time Protocol (PTP) per IEEE 1588.v2 (-2008) Distributed transfer of clock to avoid variable asymmetric link delays.
Congestion Management; WRED and Tail Dropping
Ethernet Protection; Ring per G.8032, Linear per G.8031
Maximum Ethernet frame length: Jumbo packets 10,000 bytes
MAC Layer: Supports MAC Learning, MAC Switching, Mac Ageing
Link State Propagation: Rapid Link Shutdown (RSP), supports remote port LSP
LatencyDependent on configuration as low as 30 Micro seconds
SecurityInherently secure ultra-narrow beam width antennas for low probability of detection and interception
Option: FIPS 197 Certified 256-bit AES Encryption (export controlled)
ManagementWeb-based (HTTP/HTTPS) embedded management agent; Console Interface (CLI/SSH): IPv6
SNMP Support: MIB-II and Bridgewave enterprise MIB, SNMP V1, V2C, V3
SysLog (RFC3164, RFC 3195) event support, RADIUS RFC2865 Client support
Ethernet OAM per 802.3ah (Link OAM), 802.1ag (Configuration Fault Management) Y.1731 (Performance management
Loopbacks: Ethernet (per port, per direction) Local Modem test
Power-48VDC Input, -37.5v to -70v range: 35 watts power consumption (dependent on number & Type of SFPs)
Power Over Ethernet up to 328ft (100m) cat 5e / cat6 cable separation
Physical13.0”w x 8.6”h x 2.5”d (33.0cm x 21.9cmx 6.4cm) 6.5lbs (3Kg) (Excluding antenna and mount)
EnvironmentOperating Temperature: -330C to +550C (-270F to + 1310F) per EN 300 019-2-4
Humidity: 100% all weather operation
Operating Attitude: Up to 5,000 (16,405 ft): Water Ingress: IP66
RegulatoryRoHS & WEEE Compliant
RF Certifications: US. FCC Part 101, Subpart C: EN 302 217-3
Safety: CE Mark, 60950-1, EN 60950-22, EN 60950-22, Meets FCC1:307. General Population & EN62311 RF MPE Limits
EMC / EMI: EN 301 489-4; FCC Part 15 Class B
Surge and Immunity: EN 301-489-1
Flex4G Gigabit Wireless Data Sheet
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