Channel Tunnel

Channel Tunnel Voice and Data Network  

The Challenge

Channel Tunnel Case Study 2The task of operating and controlling the flow of frequent trains carrying trucks and passengers through a tunnel under the English Channel for over 20 miles constituted one of the largest communication challenges this century.So what were the demands for the Channel Tunnel’s communications?

The construction is aimed primarily at safety and efficiency. For this reason it has two main track tunnels and a third smaller service and safety tunnel.

The service tunnel is key to the communication network. Over 100 rooms are dispersed along the service tunnel to accommodate communications equipment and other common services.Two independent PDH Fibre Optic rings running at 140 Mbps form the backbone resilient network. This provides the data communication infrastructure that supports the following essential applications:

  • Voice services for emergency
  • Public address system
  • Track-to-train radio
  • Fire detection
  • Alarm collection
  • Water pumping station control
  • Administrative services

The Solution

Case Communications’ Series 3000 multiplexer was chosen for five main reasons:

  • Multipoint capability for both voice and data — fundamental to link all the communications rooms.
  • Full redundancy — avoids failure, and is essential to deliver the connectivity via 2 Mbps feeds to the two fibre rings ensuring continuous uptime.
  • Integral Fibre Optic circuitry – saves space and minimises electrical interference.
  • The ability to be managed and report alarms from the 155 Mbps SDH rings.
  • Manufacturing quality and excellent service record – reduces operational risks to an absolute minimum.

Case Communications’ Series 3000 also provides some unique features which fitted the Tunnel’s niche application perfectly. This is achieved through it’s versatile range of connection options.

The Benefits

The Case Communications Series 3000 range offered the ideal match for the Channel Tunnel access communications, with benefits such as:

  • Full cost flexibility provided by modularity of construction
  • No single point of failure in the entire network
  • Case’s proven technology met demands of totally safety-sensitive operation
  • Full integral redundancy to mirror that of the fibre backbone
  • High availability of overall system through redundant control logic and load sharing power supplies
  • The need for different equipment for specific applications was reduced by Case’s extensive range of interface cards
  • Fully conformant with environmental and EMC regulations.

Channel Tunnel Case Study

Why Case Communications?

Case Communications is an information technology company specialising in networking products for the efficient integration of voice and data. Case is a leading manufacturer of networking products in Europe.Case has over 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of award-winning products.

Through our authorised partners we are able to provide networking solutions and support for our customers, wherever they may be. Case Communications supplies advanced, cost-effective networking technologies to British Telecom, Reuters, Galileo Hellas,Telefonica, American Express, LOT Polish Airlines, Securicor, London Underground and other organisations throughout the world.

Our track record means you can be sure Case Communications has the right platform for successful network solutions.Case has been certified continuously to ISO9001 since 1988. Our products adhere to all applicable EU Directives which permit the use of the CE mark, and are approved for connection to telecom networks worldwide.

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