Legacy Products


Modem Overview

Case Modem products are ‘system’ products which are all fully managed, which can be standalone or fit into the Network 16 cardframe.

Mayze 24-Mayze 24 modem (as used by NATS)* V.21,V.22,V.22bis,V.23. compliant These products are no longer manufatcured please use QSM 288 or contact Case Communications for support
Syncro 1496-Support for V.32bis, V.32, V.22, V.22bis, V.33 and V.29 modulation schemes
Syncro 24- Support for V.26 and V.26bis modulation schemes No longer sold, please contact Case Communications for support
QSM 288 – V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.21, V.22, V.22bis, V.23 compliant
Javelin 640 64Kbps managed basedband modems-Synchronous data transport up to 64kbps No longer sold, please contact Case for support.
Network 16 Managed modem and ISDN Terminal Adapter cardframe

Series 8000 X25 Product Overview

Case Communications has in-depth experience designing, installing and operating complex data networks.Series 8000 has been designed to meet our customers’ stringent cost, reliability and flexibility requirements.Series 8000 is the interface standard between computer and packet switching networks.It is compatible with computer systems from all major manufacturers.Series 8000 was one of the most advanced range of X25 products in the market place and more Case Communications 8160 Triple X  pads were sold of any vendor (Source Dataquest) 8260 pads provided local switching, and Frame Relay while 8295 pads provided support for every major protocol.By using an 8295 and a Case X25 Over IP product its possible to transport protocols such as IBM’s BSC or SNA, Burroughs Poll Select or Honeywell VIP over IP.

Please contact Case Communications for further information and Support

DCX Networking Statistical Multiplexer Overview

DCX is the culmination of Case Communications’ vast statistical multiplexing experience. The range has been developed incrementally over 20 years, continually adapting to customer needs in order to provide cost-effective local and wide area solutions.Case Communications’ DCX is an integrated solution which forms a single manageable network. Few networking offerings are as flexible, with such a wide range of internetworking options.

The DCX series comprises three main units:

DCX 840 / 850 / 860 / 870 Multi card intelligent chassis

825 / 832 Remote concentrators

CPE products 815 / 818

The DCX is no longer manufactured, please contact Case Communications for Support