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Managed Modem and ISDN Adaptor Racking System

The Network 16 racking system allows the most complex modem or ISDN networks to be easily controlled and managed, as well as providing a simple growth path as the network expands.In its simplest form the Network 16 provides a card frame for racking modems, saving space and giving greater control than having clusters of desktop units at a central site. Simply adding the Network 16 controller card, turns the rack into an intelligent management system for large networks and the addition of an SNMP management system, such as Case Communications’ DomainView, allows full, graphical management to the most remote rack anywhere on the network.
Adding dual power supplies for resilience makes the Network 16 a highly robust and secure option for the most demanding enterprise networks. For smaller networks, a six channel standalone version, the Network 6, controls upto six modems, with the same functionality as the Network 16 controller card.

Network 16 managed modem rack

Network 16

Network 16 card frame

Network 16 is a 4U high standard 19″ rack mount card frame that can house up to 16 modem, line driver, or ISDN terminal adapter cards in any mix. It is available with optional dual redundant power supply for resilience and load sharing* and an optional controller card which provides sophisticated management, including SNMP support for integration of the rack into enterprise network management systems.
*Load sharing may not be available with certain equipment configurations.


Allows up to 16 modem, ISDN and/or line driver cards to be centrally racked
4U high, industry standard 19″ card frame
Optional redundant power supply
Range of AC and DC power supply versions available
Multiple Network 16s can be linked together for highly concentrated sites

Network 16 Controller Card

The controller card transforms the Network 16 from a straight forward card frame into an intelligent, fully managed system. Its design allows any mix of PSTN, leased line or ISDN devices to be managed from an SNMP compliant management station, such as Case Communications’ DomainView, or a VT100 terminal. The controller card is a single printed circuit assembly that fits into its own slot (17) of a Network 16 rack.
Optional controller card for SNMP management
SNMP management via X.25, Async (SLIP) and LAN (via terminal server), ensuring compatibility with higher order management systems
Asynchronous and synchronous X.25 management connectivity
Remote logon using UDP over IP
Head controller and head printer facility providing shared printer and operator interface
Reconfiguration of any network device, local or remote
Monitoring the status of local or remote devices
Alarm and event filtering
Initiation of tests and diagnostics
Simple, single overview screen supported by comprehensive status and configuration screens
Two-level password protection
Time of day and day of week security access for managed devices
Dial-in security management
Hard copy print out of events or alarms
Six channel standalone version available (Network 6)


Modem or ISDN TA configurations can be stored in the controller card and associated with particular channels. Auto-download of this configuration to the channel allows card swaps without the need for manual re-configuration.
The card’s non-volatile memory holds the configuration details of the 16 local devices, the remote devices they are connected to, and its own configuration which determines the management task you want it to perform.

Event handlingThe controller card will filter, store and display events you have defined as alarms in the three optional categories. It will store and display the latest 150 events which you have classified as alarm events, and the latest 250 events you have classified as monitored events. Unmonitored events are filtered out. Events can be sent to a printer for hard copy purposes. Using the head printer option events from a network of Network 16s can be consolidated to the head printer which provides a single report output. Alarm calls can, optionally, be placed across either an X.25 network or via a modem or ISDN TA to a remote site. Using the head printer option still leaves the option of having printer outputs on the local lController cards.
SecurityTime of day access control can also be provided which is used in conjunction with our level 2 modem and ISDN security feature.
Network managementThe management interface on the Network 16 controller card enables Network 16 to be integrated and managed by higher order Enterprise management systems, such as Case Communications’ DomainView. This means that the racks (even down to individual modems or terminal adapters) can be brought under control of the same management system as other products on the network – routers, hubs, LANs, etc. The network management system gains full access to manage the cards in the rack, whether remote, including configuration, line usage, monitoring and fault reporting, all displayed within a highly visual series of screens.Connection between the Network 16 controller card and the network management system is highly flexible, including support for direct connection as well as leased-line and dial-up modem links. SNMP management information can also be carried over asynchronous links using X.25.


Data Sheet

Network 16 Data Sheet
Network 16 SNMP Controller Card Manual (1 download )
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