Industrial Media Converters


Case Communications media converters are Industrial grade converters operating from -40C to +75C, and allowing 1 or 2 Copper ports to operate at rates up to 1Gbps over Fibre. The Fibre ports are provided by SFP’s (Short Form Pluggables) meaning the converters can be used over any kind of fibre and over any distance.

Link Loss Forwarding ensures high availability by disabling both bridged interfaces if one interface fails. Any failure along the signal link is passed through and can be seen by attached devices.

The PIMC 2GB 2SFP also supports Power Over Ethernet (PoE) (48vdc & 15Watts) and Power Over Ethernet Plus (48vdc & 30W) to allow networks to power devices such as CCTV and Wi-Fi Access Points. The PIMC 2GB 2SFP has two Gigabit Fibre Trunk ports allowing it to make use of Rapid Spanning Tree (IEEE 802.1D) for re-routing in the event of a link failing.

What is a media converter?

Fibre media converters allow a network manager to connect different local area network (LAN) generally running on copper (cat 5 / 5e etc) via Fibre. In an Industrial environment we may find a fibre ring network and the need to take a spur to a single site, and this is where a media converter is also useful. Switching media converters (generally using ‘Store and Forward Technology ) can connect different speed and operating mode network segments. For example, existing half-duplex hubs can be connected to 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet network segments over 100BASE-FX fiber.

When expanding the reach of the LAN to span multiple locations, media converters are useful in connecting multiple LANs to form one large campus area network that spans over a limited geographic area. As premises networks are primarily copper-based, media converters can extend the reach of the LAN over single-mode fibre up to 200 kilometers and beyond using 1550 nm optics

Industrial Media Converters

IMC-100FX Industrial 100Mbps Media ConverterIMC-GB-SFP-1T – 10/100/1000Tx media converter

IMC GB SFP 2T Media Converter

Power Over Ethernet Gigabit Media Converter

UTP 100Mbps to 100FX Multi-mode SFPIndustrial Gigabit SFP using an SFP for the fibre trunk and a single 10/100/1000 Ethernet port Industrial Gigabit SFP using an SFP for the fibre trunk and dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet portsIndustrial Gigabit Media Converter support PoE / PoE Plus. 2 x Gigabit TX Ports, 2 x Gigabit SFP Ports
Operation: -400C ~ +750COperation: -400C ~ +750COperation: -400C ~ +800COperation: -400C ~ +800C
Fibre: Multi-Mode SC / STFibre: Multi mode or single mode via SFPFibre: Multi mode or single mode via SFPFibre: 2x Multi mode or single mode via SFP's
Link Lose ForwardingLink Lose ForwardingLink Lose ForwardingIEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree
DC. 12vdc ~ 48vdcDC: 12vdc ~ 48vdcDC: 24vdc (18vdc~ 36vdc)DC:48~57vdc
Housing IP30Housing IP40Housing IP40Housing IP40
Dimensions: 30mm(W) x 95mm(D) x 140mm(H)Dimensions: 35mm(W) x 95mm(D) x 110mm (H)Dimensions: 60.5mm(W) x 118mm(D) x 140mm (H)Dimensions: 31mm(W) x 120mm(D) x 31mm (H)
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