Managed Broadband Service

Case Communications are a registered Internet Services Provider, allowing us to order your PSTN lines and provide a Managed Broadband Service.

As we continually monitor our routers (using CaseView)  in the event of a problem we are able to logon to a Portal and check the status of the Service and to undertake a series of diagnostic tests.

Many Traffic Engineers are only aware of a problem when they lose comms to their O.T.U and they are not sure if the problem is the network, the router or the O.T.U, so generally call for their support firm to visit the site.

The support firm may identify a network problem and pass it back to traffic, who in turn call I.T., who in their turn call their ISP. In many instances the ISP are badging a 3rd party service so they then make a further call to their ISP, and if the problem is a line fault the ISP reports it back as a Line fault, leaving the customer to contact BT. This is very time consuming.

By working with Case they can identify immediately the network goes down and can start diagnostics on the service. If it turns out to be the PSTN line they will contact BT and generally the rectification process will be started within an hour or two. This not only saves time but in these days of cut backs save the authorities engineers to allow them to get on with controlling the UTMC system.

By working with Case Communications as your ISP you have a ‘One Stop Shop’, avoiding the worry of having to chase multiple suppliers.

Case Communications are also able to provide regular reports on data usage, and service levels allowing Traffic Engineers to focus on maintaining smooth traffic flow through the town or city

RADIUS Log Server showing connection times:

Case Communications Broadband Services

Usage Log showing traffic patterns:

Case Communications Broadband Services