6401 Industrial Rugged ADSL Router

6401 Rear Status 02
6401 Rugged ADSL Router – Front View
Industrial Rugged ADSL 2+ Router Front View

The Case Communications 6401 is an Industrial Rugged ADSL 2+ Router that has been designed to operate reliably and securely without fans in harsh conditions from -200C to +700C.


The Case Communications 6401 Industrial Rugged ADSL 2+ Router supports 4 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports.

The 6401 supports ADSL2+ Annex ‘M’ and is equipped with high levels of security.

More importantly the 6401 is the ideal router for UTMC, (Urban Traffic  Management Control) monitoring or controlling telemetry systems, or any application requiring a secure street hardened router.

Operating Temperature

The Case Communications 6401 is capable of operating from a DC Power source ranging from 12vdc  ~ 72vdc. This allows the 6401 to be powered by batteries or an AC to DC power adapter.

Ability to solve ISP Reliability Issues

At some locations the Internet service hangs and the ISP requests you reboot your router to restore service.

Because an industrial unmanned environment rebooting the router is not usually practical (because  industrial routers tend to operate in unmanned locations), consequently the 6401 has a ‘Health Check Watchdog Timer’. This Health Check Timer checks the Internet connection and will restart the line automatically should the Internet Service hang.

GRE (General Routing Encapsulation) Defined by RFC 2784

The 6401 supports GRE Tunnelling allowing third party devices to operate transparently through the tunnel.


Because the 6401 Industrial  ADSL Router is carrying sensitive information over a public network IP Security is very important. For this reason the 6401 supports IPSec  to ensure secure tunnels can be established back to central site. The 6401 Industrial ADSL Router has a choice of 3DES and AES Encryption modes. In addition by using FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Names ) we can provide IP Sec from a dynamic IP Address


Furthermore the 6401 is managed locally and remotely via a user friendly  Browser, CLI or via a network management system running  SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).   It’s possible to up and download the 6401 configuration, making it quick and easy to install and configure the 6401.


A built in Firewall within the 6401  Rugged ADSL Router allows managers to block incoming traffic and filter out any unwanted traffic.


Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol is a tunnelling protocol used to support virtual private networks (VPN). It does not provide encryption or confidentially by itself. It relies on an encryption protocol to allow the data to pass through the tunnel securely.


The 6401 Industrial Rugged ADSL Router supports multicast, which is most commonly used in the application of streaming data, and IP television. In IP Multicast the implementation of the multicast occurs at the IP routing level.

IGMP is an integral part of the IP Multicast specification, and it is analogous to use IGMP for Unicast connections. IGMP can be used for online streaming of video and gaming, and it allows more efficient use of resources for these kind of applications.

Operation, Administration & Management

The primary benefits of 802.3ah are that it enables the service provider (ISP) to monitor a link for critical events and if necessary puts the remote device into ‘Loopback’ mode into order to test the link.

Power Management

The 6401 Industrial  ADSL Router evaluates the power requirements and adjusts the power drawn by the router. In active mode the 6401 draws 1.8 Watts and in Low Power State 0.6 Watts.


ADSL2+ Annex ‘M’L2TP (Level two tunnelling protocol)
ANSI T1.413 (ADSL)IP Sec (VPN) – Initiator and responder mode
ITU-T G.992 G.LiteEncryption 3DES, AES 128, 192, 256
ITU -T G.992.1 G.DMT (ADSL 1)GRE Tunnelling
ITU-T G.994 (G.hs)IP Filtering
ITU-T G.992.3 (G.DMT.bis) (ADSL 2)URL Filtering
ITU-T G.992.5 (G.DMT.bis+ (ADSL2+)Certificates of Authority
Support Annex A / L / MIntegrity Algorithm MD5 or SHA1
Support Annex B by special buildAuthentication X509 or Pre-Shared
Max range 6kmDHCP Server
Dimensions – 180(W)mm x 105 (D)mm x 31(H)mmPower Supply – 12vdc ~ 72Vdc
Watchdog timers – hardware and softwarePower – Operational 2 Watts, Save mode 0.6W
Operating temperature -20C ~ +70C
Humidity – 10% ~ 90%
PPPoE – Point-to-Point Over Ethernet Firewall
PPPoA – Point-to-Point Over ATM IPoANAT and Full Cone NAT
IP Over ATM (VC Mux / LLC Snap-Routing)Virtual Server (Protocol and external port no)
Ethernet Over ATM (VC Mux / LLC SNAP Bridging)Port Triggering
BridgingForwarding to DMX host
Selection of pairs Bit Swap SRAIP and MAC Filtering mechanisms
Seamless Rate AdaptionMac Filtering (bridging mode)
URL FilterAccess restriction by User name MAC Address Date / Time
PPP Watchdog Timer Support for VLAN Tagging
IPv4 and IPv6 Static RoutingDSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point )
RIP V1 & V2 (Active or passive)Queue set up ATM 16 modes, PTM 8 modes
Policy based routing32 classes of traffic
Static RoutesMulticast – IGMP Support
4 Queues for Ethernet Ports
SNMP v3Line Coding(Trellis): On / off
Web based / Browser ManagementSNR Margin (0.1 dB):
OAM Support – 802.3ah, 802.1ag / Y.1731Attenuation (0.1 dB):
Remote configuration supportOutput Power (0.1 dBm):
System Log Support LogAttainable Rate (Kbps): (Max you can obtain)
Upgrade software Import / export configurationUpdate firmware while keeping configuration data
Power Management / Save – for reduced carbon footprint
Command Line Interface
TCP / DUMP Monitoring

Ordering Information

RR 64016401 ADSL2+ Annex M Rugged Router (-20°C to +70°C)
6401 AC Power Adapter6401 100-240 vac Power Supply (-20°C to +70°C) Typical 48vdc

Additional Information

Case Communications 6401 ADSL Rugged Router Data Sheet

6401-6540-Manual-Rev-1.1.pdf (171 downloads )

For more information please contact Case Communications.