Mayze 24 Asynchronous Managed Modem


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Multi-Standard Operation

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Mayze 24 Overview

The Mayze 24 is no longer being manufactured, however the QSM 288 can provide the same functionality as the Mayze 24.
The Mayze 24 supports a range of modulation techniques, and provides industry standard error correction and compression. It automatically negotiates the best modulation scheme to use with the remote modem on a call by call basis, and performs auto dial and auto answer. The Mayze 24 also provides two levels of security.

Mayze 24

V.21, V.22, V.22bis. V.23


Asynchronous Modem

Mayze 24 installation

Asynchronous Modem


V.21,V.22,V.22bis,V.23. compliant
V.42 error correction
V.42bis data compression
Sync or Async operation
DTE Port V.24/V.28 compatible
Extended AT command set
Password security
Dial back security
Separate command port
Soft configurable
Auto dial/auto answer V.25
V.54 loop tests
2,400 bps 2 wire PSTN/leased
Remote configuration
Standalone or Network 16 rack options for maximum flexibility
Integral power supply on standalone unit
Network manageable from DomainView Network Management System

Multi-Standard Operation

For dial-up operation interworking with modems from other vendors is critical. To ensure maximum connectivity with the minimum of fuss, Mayze 24 supports industry standard modulation schemes ranging from V.22bis which offers data transmission at 2400bps, down through V.22, V.21 and V.23.

Error correctionWhen working over voice grade dial-up and lease line circuits error correction is essential. For situations where the data is not itself protected by an error correcting protocol, Mayze 24 offers industry standard V.42 error correction. This offers error free data transmission and ensures interworking with other modems supporting this standard. For complete backward compatibility MNP Classes 2-4 are also supported.
Data compressionTo allow you to make the most cost efficient use of dial-up or lease line services, Mayze 24 provides V.42bis data compression. This technique which works in real-time on the data can provide impressive increases in effective throughput. In asynchronous modes data throughput up to 8000bps in V.22bis can be achieved, this represents over 300% efficiency. To allow for this the data interface on the Mayze 24 can run at up to 19,200bps. Of course V.42bis is the recognised standard for data compression so ensuring a high degree of interworking. Again for backward compatibility purposes MNP Class 5 is also offered.
ConfigurationThe Mayze 24 has twelve pre-set factory configurations, and four user entered configurations held in non-volatile memory. Configurations can be loaded and modified locally via the DTE port or command port. The modem’s configuration can also be modified remotely and stored in the Network 16 management card.
Auto dial auto answerThe Mayze 24 supports auto dial/auto answer via AT commands or V.25bis protocol in both sync and async. 50 telephone numbers with text, and alternative numbers can be stored.
SecurityThe Mayze 24 can be programmed to check Stored Passwords (Level 1) during call set up. Additionally the rackmount unit can also perform a Level 2 Security Handshake with the Network 16 providing Time of Day access control.The Mayze 24 can also be configured for Dial back Security with a maximum of fifty numbers and passwords being stored in the modem’s on board memory. For added network integrity the EP version, with it’s second line interface, can route the dial back call through a separate connection. Dial back security can be used in conjunction with Level 2 security providing an extensive network security mechanism.
Network 16 compatibleAs a fully managed component in the Network 16 range of data transmission products, the Mayze 24 is available either as a standalone unit or as a rack card. It can be housed and managed in the Network 16 racking system alongside existing modem products, it occupies a single slot in a Network 16 rack. In its standalone form, the Mayze 24 uses the same enclosure as the Syncro modems.Both the standalone unit and rack card have LED’s and front panel buttons for loading configurations, invoking tests and monitoring the interface status.
Mayze 24 Asynchronous Managed Modem Data Sheet
Mayze 24 and 24R Reference Manual (10 downloads )
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