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Multi-Standard Operation

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QSM 288 – V.34 Modem is a Multi-Purpose managed modem V.34, V.32bis, V32, V.21, V22, V22bis, V23 synchronous speeds to 33.4Kbps, error correction

The Quattro SM288 supports a wide range of modulation techniques, and provides industry standard error correction and compression. It automatically negotiates the best modulation scheme to use with the remote modem on a call by call basis, and performs auto dial and auto answer. The Quattro also provides two levels of security.

Multi-Standard Modem

QSM Modem

Quattro SM288 installation

QSM Installation


  V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.21, V.22, V.22bis, V.23 compliant
Speeds up to 28.8kbps and 33.6 using V.34
Synchronous or asynchronous operation
2- and 4-wire PSTN and lease line
V.42 error correction
V.42bis data compression
V.24 / Vl0 compatible DTE port
Extended AT command set
Password security
Dial back security
Separate command port
Soft configurable
V.54 loop tests
Remote configuration
Internationally approved
Standalone or Network 16 Rack options for maximum flexibility
Integral power supply on standalone unit
Network manageable from DomainView Network Management System

Multi-Standard Operation

To ensure maximum connectivity with the minimum of fuss, the Quattro SM288 supports standard modulation schemes ranging from V.34 offering data transmission at 33,600bps, down through V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis V.22, V.21 and V.23.Quattro SM288’s use of V.34 enables it to continuously vary the data rate on the link for optimum performance based onprevailing noise levels and other factors such as the overall width of the usable voice band channel. With the wide range of modulation schemes supported by the Quattro SM288 it will automatically negotiate with the remote end modem, on a call by call basis, to decide the best scheme to use if the remote modem does not support V.34.

Error Correction

Error correction is essential when operating over voice grade dial-up and lease line circuits. In situations where the data is not itself protected by a higher level error correcting protocol Quattro System modems offer V.42 error correction to ensure interworking with other modems supporting this standard. For complete backward compatibility, MNP Classes 2-4 are also supported.

Data compressionTo allow you to make the most cost efficient use of dial-up or lease line services, Quattro System modems utilise the recognised standard V.42bis data compression. This technique operates on the data in real-time to provide impressive increases in effective throughput.In V34 asynchronous mode, for example, a file transfer can be achieved at a typical throughput of 69,000bps (2.4:1 compression). To allow for this the data interface on the Quattro SM288 can run at up to 115,200bps. Again, for backward compatibility, MNP Class 5 compression is also offered.
ConfigurationThe Quattro SM288 has twelve pre-set factory configurations and four user entered configurations, all held in the modem’s non-volatile memory. Configurations can be loaded and modified locally via the DTE or command ports. The configuration can also be modified from a location remote from the modem and stored in the Network 16 racking system controller card.
Auto dial/auto answerQuattro System modems support auto dial/auto answer via AT commands in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. 20 telephone numbers with text and alternative numbers can be stored in the modem’s memory.
SecurityQuattro System modems can be programmed to perform two levels of security checking:In Level 1 security during call set up passwords are checked against a list of passwords stored in the modem’s memory.Network 16 format cards can also perform a Level 2 security handshake with the Network 16 controller to provide time of day access control.Dial back security can also be configured with up to twenty numbers and passwords being stored in the modem’s memory.Dial back security can be used in conjunction with Level 2 security to provide comprehensive network security.
ApplicationsThe Quattro modem is ideally suited to meet the needs of many applications ranging from the most basic dial-up data links to complex data networks utilising synchronous leased line operation.With separate lease and dial-up line interfaces the Quattro modem is ideal for point of sale applications where a leased line can be permanently maintained on one interface to, say, a credit checking agency, while the other interface can be used to connect to the store’s head office for overnight data collection. Switching between the two interfaces is initiated by software command.The Quattro modem is available in standalone format for use at remote and low density sites and card format for use in racks at central sites where higher density packaging is required.

Data Sheet

QSM 288 Data Sheet
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