London Underground Voice and Data Network

 Jubilee Line Voice and Data Network:  Case Study

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London Underground Jubilee Line Voice and Data Network

London Underground continues to expand, and for the recent project to extend the Jubilee Line, GPT (the prime contractor) chose Case Communications’ Series 3000 to fully integrate all customer and operational services for the stations and tunnels.

A high-capacity dual fibre optic SDH ring forms the back- bone communication, running at 155 Mbps. A solution was necessary to integrate the numerous types of voice and date information from all stations en route, as displayed in the diagram below.

The Case Communications Series 3000 2 Mbps multiplexer was chosen to reliably and resiliently concentrate each station’s communication needs into the centralised control points.
London Underground Case Study

The Challenge

The Jubilee Line Access Network presented a host of control and service applications, which demanded a special multiplexing solution for connection to the control points.

These applications include:

  • Customer management services
  • CCTV central monitoring of platforms and passenger tunnels
  • Transfer of data on passenger ticketing
  • Station public address from central points
  • Linking of mobile radio handset transceivers for station or on-board train staff
  • Direct linking of customer service telephones to central advisory point
  • Control of station clocks
  • Operational and safety services
  • The control and indication of tunnel ventilation systems
  • Totally accurate signalling information
  • Tunnel emergency telephones
  • Automatic control of train traction by radio
  • Emergency engineering
  • Order wire voice communication.

London Underground Voice and Data Network – The Solution

Case Series 3000 2 Mbps multiplexers were chosen to be installed in all stations linking all applications to Central Control Points via the SDH (155 Mbps) fibre backbone. It’s versatility in voice, data and network connectivity coupled with dual network interfaces and duplicate power supplies offered the best solution to also ensure 100% network uptime.

This included:

  • Direct fibre interface to reject interference in an electrically-hostile environment
  • Environmental safety for such closed surroundings
  • Long-term reliability to minimise maintenance

So, from Green Park in central London out to Stratford in the east, the Case Communications Series 3000 multiplexer provides the key communications integration structure to track into the Fibre SDH ring – a key role for a technically-proven product.

Why Case Communications?

Case Communications specialises in networking products for the efficient integration of voice and data. Case Communications is the leading manufacturer of networking products in Europe.

Our track record means you can be sure Case Communications has the right platform for successful network solutions. It is this proven success that ensured Case Communications had a clear understanding of London Underground’s requirements and issues in the integration of the communication applications necessary to run the Jubilee Line.

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