Industrial Ethernet Extenders /Ethernet First Mile

Industrial Ethernet Extender
XLR 560 60 Mbps Business Broadband – Ethernet First Mile - Point-to-Point over 1 to 4 Copper Pairs

Case Communications XLR 564 Ethernet Extenders – Overview

XLR 564 – Industrial Ethernet Extender 

E.F.M (Ethernet First Mile) refers to using one of the Ethernet family of computer network protocols between a telecommunications company and a customer’s premises. From the customer’s point of view it is their “first” mile, although from the access network’s point of view it is known as the “last mile”. A working group of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) produced the standards known as IEEE 802.3ah-2004, which were later included in the overall standard IEEE 802.3-2008. Although it is often used for businesses, it can also be known as Ethernet to the Home (ETTH).
The Case Communications XLR 564’s Industrial Ethernet Extender / Ethernet First Mile products extend Ethernet in the first / last mile, and can operate at rates up to 15.29Mbps over 1 pair of wires and can bond up to 4 pairs to achieve rates of 60Mbps.
In addition the XLR 564’s have dual 100Mbps Fibre ports allow a total capacity of 260Mbps between units. The XLR 564’s support VLANS, and Quality of Service, and can operate as Ethernet extenders and also be used for Local Loop Unbundling, allowing clients to operate private Symmetrical Internet.
The XLR 564’s also support Daisy Chaining making them ideal for use alongside the highway and they also operate in ‘multi-drop’ mode with a unit talking to two other units,

Ethernet Extenders Overview

XLR 5000 – EFM Based Multi-Service Access Platform (MSAP)
XLR5000 Ethernet Extender Front ViewCarrier Ethernet Access over Copper or Fibre
EFMC up to 15.296Mbps per pair 60Mbps over (4 pairs) using EFM Bonding (PAF)
IEEE 802.3ah Compliant
QoS Features for guaranteed Ethernet Services
Ethernet Demarcation Device (EDD)
EFM OAm Support
VLAN Support
Remote DSLAM Backhaul
Transparent LAN Service
Wireless (Mobile / Wi-Fi) Backhaul
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XLR 560 – 60 Mbps Industrial Ethernet First Mile 2Base-TL Broadband Bridge 2 x 100 Mbps Fibre SFP
XLR 560 60 Mbps Business Broadband – Front View15.296Mbps per pair
-400C to +700C operating temperature
Dual 100Mbps Fibre optic ports via SFP’s
EFM bonding to 60Mbps (4 Pairs)
IEEE 802.1p compliant
QoS Features for guaranteed Ethernet services
Ethernet demarcation device (EDD)
VLAN Support
Automatic rate adaption
Daisy chaining
Two different routes out of one XLR 560
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