Seur Frame Relay voice & Data Network

Case Communications provides the largest private network and the first corporate network to integrate voice, data and multimedia services over frame relay in Spain.

Based in Madrid, founded in 1942, and employing over 5,000 people throughout 300 branch offices, Seur is Spain’s leading provider of national and international transport services. The company delivers over 120,000 parcels a day and has over 45% of the Spanish market.

The Challenge

In order to operate the business efficiently, an organised and well managed telecommunications network is essential. The existing network operated by Seur comprised an X.25 backbone connecting the regional offices to the head office, with low-speed connections from the regional offices to the distribution outlets. Delivery vehicles were in touch with the nearest regional office over radio links. All voice traffic was carried over the PSTN.

The major operational use of the network is the processing and tracking of customer deliveries from source to destination, and scheduling and directing vehicles for new collections. This requires constant communication between the regional offices, the distribution outlets and the vehicles, as well as with head office. An additional requirement is direct communication between the regional offices. The network is also used for a range of administration purposes.

As the company business expanded and more and more demands were placed on the network, the existing infrastructure was beginning to become a bottleneck. In addition, the volume of telephone calls was incurring a major cost. So in 1996 Seur decided to install a new voice and data communications system in order to:

  • Improve the performance of existing applications
  • Provide full network access to every office
  • Introduce new advanced services such as electronic mail
  • Reduce costs

Case Communications was selected to implement this network. A major reason for Seur’s choice of Case Communications was our vast experience in delivering advanced communication system infrastructures which our highly qualified staff have gained over many years. In particular, Seur was confident in our ability to perform the detailed network design, network installation, and the essential post installation backup.

Case Communications’ solution provides Seur with the largest private network in Spain.

Seur initially required Case Communications to connect the 70 main offices in Spain, with provision to expand to all of its 300 offices.

Case Communications’ mission was to migrate from X.25 to Frame Relay in order to substantially increase available bandwidth and to integrate the organisation’s voice and data onto a single network.

The following requirements were essential to the Seur network:

  • Increased bandwidth
  • High-quality voice integrated with reliable data transport
  • Integration of existing applications
  • Scaleability
  • Reduced cost

The Solution

Case Communications’ network is centred around the powerful FPX 1100 at the central office in Madrid, with a low-cost FPX 1000 range at each of the remote offices. The FPX switches are linked over public networks offered by both BT and Telefonica. Existing X.25 and LAN networks are integrated into the network with direct connection, or via routers. Direct voice connection is provided to existing PABXs.

Case Communications’ solution ensures enterprise-wide access to existing AS/400 based applications, while allowing deployment of new, advanced multimedia applications such as:

  • E-mail
  • Internet access
  • Image and File transfer

In order to manage the whole network, a centralised Case Communications DomainView management system, running on Windows NT, is installed. This provides full configuration and fault management facilities for total network control.

The Benefits

Case Communications’ success in providing Seur with a fully integrated network means that Seur enjoys the following benefits:

  • 61% reduction in traditional telephone charges
  • A greater than 100% increase in bandwidth to accommodate increased traffic levels and new applications
  • Reduction in overheads resulting from integration of voice and data traffic into a single technology
  • Seamless integration of existing legacy networks and applications Higher Quality of Service to network users
  • Independence from a single public network operator, resulting in keen pricing from both carriers
  • Central visibility and control of both LAN and WAN equipment

Case Communications continues to serve Seur with a high-quality post installation service to ensure continued high levels of network availability and performance, with backup services provided by our experienced staff.

For further information please contact Case Communications.