Support – 6401 Software Releases

The following tables reflect the enhancements and bug fixes for the 6401 Firmware and software releases.


6401 4.16.01 150820 Software Release NotesDownload
RevisionKernel Date StampSubjectsoftware (zipped)
V.2.14.16L.04161209New Utilities made available
• TCP Dump was added to allow network managers to monitor traffic within the 6401
• VI Editor was added
• Racoonctl
• Telnet
6401 V2.1 4.16L
V2.04.16L.04161114Bug Fix in PPP Monitor
V1.44.16L.01160316IP Sec Enhancements
Provision to edit IP Sec tunnel connections
• Provision to edit IP Sec tunnel connections
• Auto-recovery of IP Sec Tunnels has been implemented
• A Provision to configure IP Sec DPD parameters has been added
• A provision to configure IP Sec Tunnel role as initiator or responder has been added
• A Provision to configure IP Sec local / remote identifiers has been added
VLAN Tagging Interface
A new feature has been implemented to tag outgoing traffic with a VLAN Tag. The VLAN Tagging interface can be configured via the web interface
Built in default Configuration NB for Case use only
This feature was introduced in the 6401 router to allow a 6401 to be installed or reset to a default configuration with Case Communications parameters pre-set. This will allow the router to connect to the Case Communications ISP Network. From here Case Communications can load their customers configuration and enable the 6401 to operate on their customers chosen network.
NB Some ISPs will not allow this and local access will be required
V1.34.16L.01160119PPP Watchdog Timer
The PPP Watchdog Timer is a health check monitor to ensure the Internet Service is operating correctly. It will check pre-configured web sites and in the event of not being able to reach site one, will try site 2 then site 3. If all 3 sites fail to respond the 6401 will automatically re-start the line. This allows routers to overcome ISP problems without manual intervention
V1.24.16L.01150928Menu Structure Changes
Support Logon Change
Previously the remote ‘Support’ logon was limited in what they could do. With this release the Support Logon has full access rights the same as a local administrator
Web Page Fixes
Several web page fixes were made, and unused features have been removed.
• Removed USB Port from the diagnostics page
• The hostname parameter in the DNS Proxy page has been set to ‘Case’
• Setting correct NTP Servers and the time zone in the internet pages
• Removed (a null) interface entry in the WAN Statistics Page
• NAT – Virtual Server parameters were not configurable when accessed via the WAN connection, this releases rectifies that problem.
• Security – IP Filtering parameters where not configurable when access via the WAN connection, this release rectifies that problem.
Admin User Changes
The default administrator user name and password have been changed from 'Admin / Admin' to 'root / case' This takes effect from Kernel 4.06 / 4.12 to 4.16L.01
V1.14.16L.01150820SNMP Improvements , watchdog timer access
• The native Broadcom SNMP implementation was very slow, Kernel 4.16L.01 and with software release V1.1 the performance of the SNMP, making it far more responsive SNMP Network Management Systems. This has improved the performance of the SNMP-IF MIB Query
• Crashes in Linux 3.4RT Kernel corresponding to SNMP requests for non-Ethernet ports have been fixed
• When an ADSL interface is created, it now includes the SNMP Statistics
The 6401 already supports an internal watchdog timer, which resets the 6401 in the event of a software lockup. A new facility to trigger this watchdog timer has been implemented in this release.
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6401 4.16.04 Sept 2016 Firmware Release Notes
Software UpgradeChanges to upgrade firmware from SDK 4.16.01 to 4.16.04
(GRE) L2-Ethernet GRE Tunnel AccelerationL2-Ethernet GRE Tunnel acceleration support is added in flow cache.
Downstream backpressure mechanismDownstream backpressure mechanism from Host / FAP / Runner to SAR / DSL to benefit / G.inp/Bonding deployments are supported. This helps to avoid any packet loss that may occur with these scenarios.
G.Inp extended Buffering / Delay handling G.Inp extended Buffering / Delay handling for small packets is supported on both the 6401
Updated bridge Updated bridge to allow WDS authentication to complete on ports blocked by STP
XTM Interfaces mac address configuration can be overridden.XTM Interfaces mac address configuration can be overridden from their default setting using the ‘ifconfig’ command option to configure the mac address of the interface.
[VLANCTL] Support separate RK and TX locks [VLANCTL] Support separate RK and TX locks to allow simultaneous reception and transmission of packets, thus increasing the Linux data path performance
To enable iz4 Kernel compression To enable iz4 Kernel compression use menuconfig>root filsystemoption. Exists on both NAND and NOR Images.
Open SSL is upgradeOpen SSL is upgraded from 1.0.1j to 1.0.2a
CFE’s TFTP support for RFC2348 extensionCFE’s TFTP implementation adds support for RFC2348 extension to permit blocksize of 1024, hence images beyond 32MB.
Added / debug interface [HOMEPLUG] added / proc/bcmenet_impl6/rtplist debug interface for iptc rtp stats and ingress queue congestion debug.
Extended home plug API to get /set Standby settings [HOMEPLUG] Extended home plug API to get /set Standby settings which allow user applications to modify them.
Added parameter which reports the Home Plug SOC Temperature.[HOMEPLUG] Added parameter X_BROADCOM_CM_PLCPHY_Temperature to HomePlugAV data-model which report the HomePlug SOC Temperature.
Added new TR069 parameters[HOMEPLUG] Added two new parameters necessary to define a flash identification mechanism through TR069 to avoid upgrading the wrong images into the device from the ACS
Support for TR 181[HOMEPLUG] Enable support for pure TR181 model
Jumbo Frame default setAdded ability to set default MTU size at compile time for JUMBO frame enabled build. If not enabled the default build will be 2048 bytes.
BUG FIXES in 4.16.04L
7790Modem may respond with incorrect MAC Address when multiple WAN services are configured on same L2 Interface
14271GSO Counters from FAP do not work properly
15934[VLANCTL] Cant add a VLAN Linux Interface to a bridge if it’s a real / root device is in bridge during VLAN interface creation
19552Fixed a software bug in budget decrement logic in skbFree Thread
19576Ethernet Frames smaller than 60 bytes contain random data in the padded part. Ethernet XTM and FAP drivers need to zero out the padding
19697[TR069] Limit notification does not work if there are more parameters changed than parameters with limit notification
19717Dynamic-DNS password was stored in plain text in CMS configuration file. With this fix in place in 4.16.04 release, if the image is upgraded in the field from previous versions and the configuration had a dynamic DNS entry, this dynamic DNS entry will need to be recreated.
19742CPE Should not terminate the PPPOE session for invalid session ID
19767xDSL link status notifications are sent to the XTM Layers first followed by the system monitor tasks to avoid any synchronisation issues. Previously the notifications were sent to the system monitor before they were sent to the XTM Layers.
19773Under certain configurations, the Ethernet LED for port ETH3 would remain active after pulling the cable out, and return to normal behaviour when re-inserting the cable.
19788[UPnP] Shows the wan statistic value
19800[UPnP] Show the Ethernet WAN Bandwidth value
19871Under some circumstance, DHCPD was still running even when disabled
19888[HOMEPLUG] Fixed link detection issue in homeplug that caused the modem to involuntarily go to standby. Corrected standby exit configuration when the modem boots without an Ethernet link
19962[BCM 63381] Platform issues with DSL Line status changes alongside traffic have been addressed.
20116IP Checksum is incorrect when received ToS/ DSCP value differs from the initial value when the flow was learnt by flow-cache.
20438[FAP] Upstream traffic stops while forwarding fragmented UDP over PPPoE WAN
20563DHCP Server didn’t reply DHCPACK if client requested an error IP Address
20611[Flow Cache] flwstats module reported incorrect packet / byte count after delete/re-create the query rules
20626[ETHSWCTL] getifname commands do not work for external switch
20661Modified the Openssl 1.0.2.a library do not use Neon to avoid unrecognised instruction signals(signal 4’s) due to process migration and to avoid contention with voice
20714[1905] Cleaned up some video artefacts on the 1905 topology page
20736[Flow-Stats] Flow-Stats module allocates memory for statistics array with incorrect size resulting in kernel crash. The issue is noticed when large numbers (1000’s) of flows are created.
20757[Flow-cache] Unable to forward double tagged multicast traffic in downstream when the WAN Service is configured
20785TR69, when updating to 4.16.03L software image, Transfer Complete and M Download were not sent
KNOWN BUGS and Limitations in 4.16L.04
7648The iq command line utilities do not send output to the controlling terminal, just to the serial port
8370Creating more than 8 WAN Interfaces may cause call trace. The workaround is to increase the number of MAC Addresses in the CFE Configuration.
10547USB SMB File Transfer throughput degrades over the Far End (FE) interface when voice is enabled
10636[BCM 63168] GMAC Traffic stops after a link is re-established when BPM is controlled out
13551[L2 Switch] Jumbo size RX Packets are not counted
14778PTM Bonding packet loss on a given operational line when restarting the other line during traffic
15294[GRE] Flow-Cache does not accelerate packets over MTU size over GRE Tunnel
19768[SPEED-SERVICE] Upstream latency information is inaccurate in ADSL Mode
20118[USB-SATA] Some Flash drives (TranscendUSB3.0 8GB) are pre-formatted without the use of partition table, and this contain no partitions. CPE does not mount them automatically, though it can still be mounted manually using the correct file system type.
21162[DHD-Offload] TX Drops are not counted for non-accelerated WLAN Downstream traffic
21163[BCM63168 / BCM 63148 / JUMBO] Traffic from host CPU Towards Ethernet WAN with packet size larger than 1984 Bytes are dropped by runner.
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